Alan Lawrie of Quarter.

Alan Lawrie, was a hard working farmer who lived in Quarter. He grew up on his dads farm and enjoyed a happy childhood. His dads farm was called Killinhill Farm and it was one of the largest farms in the village.

Alan with his dada.
Alan as a young boy with his Dad on their farm.

Alan’s story is a very sad one and was told to Historic Hamilton by a family friend who now lives in Australia. Helen Williams told us: “I don’t have all of his story but from what I know he was penniless living on the streets when my brother took him in and got him a job driving a tractor” I can only imagine that this would have gave Alan some of his pride back and hopefully a bit of happiness as he would have been once again doing something that he loved.

Alan out doing his shopping in Quarry Street in Hamilton c1960s.
Alan out doing his shopping in Quarry Street in Hamilton c1960s.
Alan Lawrie on his farm at Quarter
Alan Lawrie on his farm at Quarter

Helen continued: “Alan went from riches to rags with lawyers taking much of what he owned and then eventually other people or so-called friends taking advantage of him. He eventually lost his family farm and not only was this farm his livelihood, it was also his family home. Alan had no option but to find an alternative home and at one stage he lived in a small caravan with no heating or running water, but things got worse for poor Alan, he eventually ended up out on the street”. Alan told Helen that when he was homeless he used to have wash at Hamilton Baths!

killinhill farm in Quarter.
killinhill farm in Quarter.
Killinhill Farm today.
Killinhill Farm today.

Helen went on to tell us “I had said to Alan that too many photos end up in the bin when people leave this world and I feel we should log them. We didn’t even know that Alan had the photos, he has no direct living family. I’d say they are the only things he has left of the days on his farm”.

There are still kind people in this world and Historic Hamilton would like to say well done to Helen’s brother who took Alan in from the streets and gave him work and a new home. Alan still lives in Helen’s brothers house in East Kilbride and is now 71 years old.


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