Crikey! the Janny’s Bald

December 1990, Earnock high school Janitor Billy Agnew used his head to raise money for the Cash for Kids appeal.

Billy agreed to have his lovely locks shaved off for the appeal. Hairdresser Liz Calderwood had the responsibility for shaving his head in the Avon Bar and she managed to complete the job without any problem. Billy’s sacrifice paid off as he raised £250 for the appeal.

Were you at the Avon Bar that night or do you know Billy? Let us know.



Army Cadets 1990.PNG


In September 1990 the Hamilton Army Cadets were right on target at the annual shooting competitions, held both locally and nationwide.
The teams from the 4th Hamilton Platoon won first & third places in the national cadet 100-team competition. First team members were cadet regimental sergeant major Craig Little, sergeant Robert Ross, corporal David Campbell, and Cpl Stephen Briggs.
And members of the team who took third place were Cpls Sandy McCulloch, Mark Lavery, Kathleen Phillip and John Reid.
Pictured with the cadet 100-team cup and the Glasgow and Lanarkshire small bore competition shield are from Left, back row Sandy McCulloch, John Reid and Mark Lavery. Front row, Stephen Briggs, Craig Little and David Campbell.
I was also in the Cadets on this year and can remember these guys, they were all a decent bunch of lads. What are your memories of the 4th Hamilton Platoon of the ACF? Let us know!

Hamilton & district primary school football squad.

Danny McBrideWM


Danny McBride sent us this picture which was possibly taken in the 70’s or 80’s. In the picture we have the Hamilton & district primary school football squad.

The team brought home the consolidation cup after beating Glasgow west Boys club 1-0 in the final. The all important winning goal came from Scott Dunsmuir of David Livingston Primary.

The winning team members were: Michael Campbell, Craig Logan, Henry Brown, John McGrain, Grant Callander, Jason Hughes, Ross Kerr, Stephen McCormack, Daniel McBride, Johnathan Hassan, Martin Donnelly, Scott Dunsmuir, Brian Johnstone, James Campbell, Stuart Allan & Robert Wildman.

Were you one of the boys in the picture? Tell us about that winning day.

Baillies Causeway Gospel Hall Church 1872 – 1963.

Baillies Causeway.1.png

Pictures of Baillies Causeway are rare and a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lady called Gillian who was able to send us this fantastic picture of the old Hamilton Street, Gillian told us:
“Some time ago, I remember seeing a post on your Facebook page mentioning Baillies Causeway. I can’t quite remember but I think someone was wondering if a photo was of the pub there.
Perhaps not, I’m not sure, but the pub was mentioned, as was speculation about where Baillies Causeway was and what happened to it and when. I would have replied to the post, but I couldn’t spot it. Not sure if it’s of interest now, but it was definitely towards the bottom end of where the present Regent shopping centre is now. Attached is a photo, which I came across tonight.
It’s not of the pub mind you, It’s Baillies Causeway Gospel Hall church that’s in the foreground. But I think that may be the pub in the background, looking at this old map seems to suggest the PH public house was just along from the hall.
baillies causeway.2
My parents were members of this church, as were some well known local bakers in their time: Mssr Lightbody, Gilchrist & Gibson. It was built in 1872 and was there until the 1960s. It was in 1963 the official confirmation came from the town council that the street was being vacated to make way for the shopping centre.
The terms of compulsory purchase orders were negotiated with those in Baillies Causeway over the next year or so. The church moved out in April 1966 and over the next year or so built its new home in Selkirk Street, where it still is today”.
Gillian also told us that the original picture was taken by a man named Jim Hislop, who was an elder at the Church.
We would like to thank Gillian for sending this picture. Pictures of Baillies Causeway are really rare. If you have an old picture of Baillies Causeway, then please feel free to send it to us and we will share with everyone on the page.