Alex Fotheringham 1985WM.

In 1985 Alex Fotheringham was making news instead of selling it. He was elected, president of the Scottish Council of the national federation of retail newsagents.
In 1985 Mr Fotheringham’s family had owned the newsagent’s shop at 20 Annsfield Road for more than 50 years.
His new post put him in charge of an organisation which represented the interests of 3,000 Newsagent members throughout Scotland.
Mr Fotheringham who was 50 at the time said that his wife Ellen, along with his three grown-up children, Anne, Andrew & Ellenor would be helping out in the shop during his presidential time with the organisation.
What are your memories of Alex Fotheringham’s Newsagents on Annsfield Road?

Udston Primary 1985.

Udston Primary 1985

Udston Primary 1985 featuring ‘Squeak’ the easter Chick. Squeak was born following a Farm animal project from the kids in Room 5 & 6.

The children took turns to monitor the egg which was being kept in an incubator, supplied by Earnock High School. After watching it for many days the egg cracked and out popped Squeak!

Some of the kids in the picture are Karenn Scott who was the first person to see the egg move, Scott McEwan who was one of the youngest pupils on the project.

Can you name the rest of the kids in the photo? Let us know.

Councillors, Barbara McKinnon & Senga Dallas, Clash on Burnbank Main Street.

Burnbank - Senga Dallas 1985WM.

Burnbank in March 1985 saw two councillors clash in the Main Street.

The Councilors squared up to each other in public, however, the opening of a giant outdoor draughts board was a happy occasion indeed.

The 16ft by 16ft draughts board was created by Hamilton district council and manpower services commissions workers as part of the landscaping project in the Centre of Burnbank.

Watched by the local residents of Burnbank, councillors Barbara McKinnon & Senga Dallas, who originated the idea, got the first outdoor game underway.

It was hoped that the older residents of Burnbank would use the board during the summer months. Thus enabling them to enjoy one of their favourite pastimes in the fresh air. The cost of the project was £1,500.

Do you remember the outdoor draughts, board? Of even better can you put a name to any of the people in the picture? Let us know.

The Hamilton Town Hotel 1985.

Hamilton Town Hotel 1985.

The Hamilton Town Hotel 1985.

3 – Course Business Lunch for only £2. With business lunches also available at ‘Pinkies’. Why in 1985 go anywhere else in Hamilton?

The Hamilton Town Hotel will bring back many memories for a lot of people. I can remember when this was called O’Neill’s in the late 90s.

What are your memories of the Town Hotel & Pinkies?

Ted Rogers Visits Hamilton 1985.

Ted Rodgers Cadzow Street 1985.

“3-2-1” was the countdown to the reopening of a Hamilton store in January 1985. It was opened by Ted Rogers. Ted left his old pal Dusty Bin behind in the studios for the re-opening of the Cadzow Street Branch of Cavendish Woodhouse.

Cavendish Woodhouse was a house furnishing chain. The Champagne ceremony included a prize draw for the customers plus a chance for them to chat with Ted.

This picture for me is a real snapshot in time as you can clearly see the old Impulse Records in the background.

Can you name any of the other people who are in the picture? If you can, then please let us know.

Raskals and Zigfields nightclubs (Blantyre)

Raskals Blantyre WM.

Hamilton has always been known to have some decent nightlife, but in the 1980s Blantyre also had some decent clubs.

You had a choice of Raskals or Barnums & Zigfields which were just next door to each other.

What are your memories of Raskals and Zigfields nightclubs?

Zigfields WM.