Army Cadets 1990.PNG


In September 1990 the Hamilton Army Cadets were right on target at the annual shooting competitions, held both locally and nationwide.
The teams from the 4th Hamilton Platoon won first & third places in the national cadet 100-team competition. First team members were cadet regimental sergeant major Craig Little, sergeant Robert Ross, corporal David Campbell, and Cpl Stephen Briggs.
And members of the team who took third place were Cpls Sandy McCulloch, Mark Lavery, Kathleen Phillip and John Reid.
Pictured with the cadet 100-team cup and the Glasgow and Lanarkshire small bore competition shield are from Left, back row Sandy McCulloch, John Reid and Mark Lavery. Front row, Stephen Briggs, Craig Little and David Campbell.
I was also in the Cadets on this year and can remember these guys, they were all a decent bunch of lads. What are your memories of the 4th Hamilton Platoon of the ACF? Let us know!

Hamilton & district primary school football squad.

Danny McBrideWM


Danny McBride sent us this picture which was possibly taken in the 70’s or 80’s. In the picture we have the Hamilton & district primary school football squad.

The team brought home the consolidation cup after beating Glasgow west Boys club 1-0 in the final. The all important winning goal came from Scott Dunsmuir of David Livingston Primary.

The winning team members were: Michael Campbell, Craig Logan, Henry Brown, John McGrain, Grant Callander, Jason Hughes, Ross Kerr, Stephen McCormack, Daniel McBride, Johnathan Hassan, Martin Donnelly, Scott Dunsmuir, Brian Johnstone, James Campbell, Stuart Allan & Robert Wildman.

Were you one of the boys in the picture? Tell us about that winning day.

WW2 ID Cards.

Tom Kelly sent us an I.D. Card that was issued during the war.

Tom Kelly ID Card

The government introduced National Registration Identity Cards in World War II. Everyone, including children, had to carry an identity (ID) card at all times to show who they were and where they lived. The identity card gave the owner’s name and address, including changes of address. Each person was allocated a National Registration number and this was written in the top right hand corner on the inside of the card. The local registration office stamped the card to make it valid.

Tom Kelly ID Card1

The identity card belonged to Thomas W Kelly who lived in 60 Beckford Street in Hamilton. Further information on the card stated that Thomas had recently moved to 56 Eskdale Terrace in Bonnyrigg (Perhaps due to the war?) and later to 80 Elmbank Crescent. It was issued in 1948 when the blue card was introduced for adults. The card had an expiry date of 23rd of September 1964. Until then, adult identity cards had been brown, the same colour as children’s cards. (Government officials had green ID cards with a photograph.)

Tom Kelly ID Card2

On the back of cards for children and young people under 16 was space for the parent or guardian to sign. The parent or guardian was responsible for looking after the child’s identity card, and producing it when required.

Thank you Tom for sending this in, Perhaps you could tell us more about it. Garry,