Bet, ye mind,,,,,,

Bet, ye mind,,,,,


A wis lookin oot the windae the day n’ thirs nae wains a taw’ oot tae play,,
Then a started thinkin aboot whit oor streets wur like way back in the day,,
Thir wis wains came fae awe ower the schemes, be it hail, rain, sleet ur snaw,,
The wee lassies wae thir skippy ropes, n’ the wee boys wid be kickin’ a baw,,
The bestest times wur whin the lassies wur skippin’ n’ started singin’ a wee song,,
Ye kin bet a poun tae a penny, thit awe the ither wans, wid join in before very long,,
Wan potato, two potato, three potato, four, a bet ye mind a that wan, n’ many, more,,
A still see thim in ma minds eye, “skippin n’ singin’ n’ playin thir games galore,,
Skinny malinky long legs, big banana feet, went tae the picturs’ couldnae git a seat,,
Then the wee wains wae thir dolls, singin’ be baw babbity, that was realy sweet,,,
Three wee craws sittin oan a wa’ “ma maws a millionaire” a mind that wan anaw,,,
Ally bally, ally bally be, Sittin’oan yir mammys knee, noo, that wan wis awfy braw,,,
Well, see us wee boys hid wur “durty wans” Mrs Mc quiddy’ comes intae ma mind,,
Bit noo we cannie sing them wee songs any mair,cause they wid be far too unkind,
Chap the door n’ run away, “peever, n’ kick the can” oh aye n’ lets play hide n’ seek,,
A mind whin a gote a wee bit aulder, ‘kiss cuddle ur torture’ a wis sore fur a week,,,

(A love a lassie, a bonnie heelan lassie )

The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey,

Auld Pals,,


Auld Pals,,

Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

A wis gonnie tell ye a story aboot auld “Hillhoose” the fifty feet n’ the strawberry bing,
Bit jist as a wis writin it doon a gote a chapp it the door n’ that changed everything,
There wis a an auld pal stawnin there, a wee guy thit a hivnae see fur nearly fifty years,
The reason am tellin this is cause it’s youre fault “Historic Hamilton” fur bringin happy tears,,
A worked wae him in ” Liptons” In Hamilton, bit the wee manager wis always in a sulk,,
Ye know wannae them wee numtys’ he didnae like me wan bit, n’ hid a face thit curdled mulk,
“Am sick of yous’ twos’ carry oan” wae yir music blarin’ “yir seperatin” then, a bitter pill,,’
Willie, youre stayin in this shop wae me, n’ you, aye, you “yir gittin deported tae Bellshill”
He came doon tae see me cause his sister hid seen ma wee rantins’ on yir great site,
Him n’ “Mary Doll” n’ ma kids, hid gote the gither oan that “FACEACHE” n’he turned up friday night,
Am no kiddin’ when a say that surprised wisnae the word, ma hert jumped up, n’ a couldae swally”
Efter awe the years n’ some sheddin of tears thanks tae you a seen ma auld pal WILLIE MCINALLY,


Dae ye ken John Steed ?

Dae ye ken John Steed ?
By Hugh Hainey.

Wan night we hid a great idea tae hiv a wee bit fun, so we planned it fur days,
A bet ye’s awe remember the ‘Avengers’ oan the telly, they wur awe the craze,
Thir wis a shop hawf way doon hid a display wae John Steed n’ some wummin’
The plan wis, put bangers in the doors, n’ whit happened, we never seen commin,
It wis guy fawkes night aboot ten o’clock empty streets wae no many aboot,
So we went doon ‘Quarry street’ n’ put bangers in awe the locks, facing oot,,,
Then we awe grouped the gither, n’we started tae light thim, in sets of fours,,
Yil never guess whit happened next, aye” they went aff n’ blew oot the doors,,,
The rackit brought oot awe the punters, fae the Windsor, the Moy n’ even Skeltons,
Men n’ women runnin’ in n’ oot the shops, even a gang of navvies wearin “weltons,
They wur runnin aboot wae allsorts of stuff, n’some big bowler hats and brollies,
Thir must hiv bin aboot fifty of them, loadin , and some wur gawn aff thir trollies,
A saw this bloke wae two dummies’ awe dressed up wae suits thit wur new.
Next day somedae hid reported two “naked dummies, found waitin fur the 62”
Och aye, yir thinkin this couldnae hiv happened, bit this story is true tae tell,

A only got a bowler hat n’ a brolly, ok, n “maybe the odd suit length aswell”

(Oh mother,,)

Ha.Ha.Said The Clown,,

Ha.Ha.Said The Clown,,
By Hugh Hainey.

Maw, maw, kin ye press them claiths a put oot, jist whin ye git the chance,
Me and my pal ur jist gawn intae ma room tae practice oor new wee dance,
Is ma hair awerite, hiv ye gote a brush? Dae ye think these ur no awfy tight,
Thirs a brush ower there, calm doon thirs nae rush,, naw they look jist right,,
Ok, right leg oot, n ‘ swing it tae the left, noo ye twist it, then ye bring it back,,
Noo a hope ye git it right this time, cause see last week ye wur far too slack,,
Ok, right i’ll play that record fae that “Manfred Man” Ha Ha Said The Clown”
Naw , naw ! no like that, up n’ back, “awe” look yiv pulled ma curtains down,,
Right thats us awe ready tae go tae the “Troc” n’ wir gonnae hiv loads of fun,,
Awe look the baith of ye look smashin, good night, be good, enjoy yisels son,,
“Whit” did ye think thit it wis two “lassies,” talkin’ jist because of the bit crack,,
Naw that wis a true wee story aboot me’ teachin’ ma pal tae dance “Willie Mac”
Well dae think awe you wimmin wur the only wans thit dressed up fur the night,,
Ye see us guys hid tae be jist as fussy” it wis important fur us tae look jist right,,
Even awe them years ago a jist knew thit Willie, a great future he hid “cummin”
A didnae know aboot him being able tae sing,, bit his feet wur always “Hummin”
A went oan that ‘Faceache’ last year, well a recognised him straight aff the bat,,
The only difference noo is thit he’s a Country singer n’wears a big Cowboy Hat,
He wis anither wee Hamilton guy, n’ great” jist like awe the ithers thit ave knew
A still like pop music, n’ country, maybe he’ll sing aboot “A BOY NAMED HUGH”
(YEE HA,!)


The poem below was written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

Is it a poem yir lookin fur? Look no further than this site, the poetry is class,,,
Thank god fur Wilma Bolton, Kit Frank Duddy, and of course Elizabeth Glass,,
Well am back so yir stuck wae ma wee rantins’ bit, jist awe of the funny kind,,
A only tell of ma wee memories, “and youres” a hope, bit it’s no a poem mind,,
A kin remember the guys wore suits n’ ties, n’ granda shirts wae plasic collars,
It wis realy magical back then gawn tae ‘Troc’ we awe looked a million dollars,,
Then it wis “Twiggy” style fur the lassies, skirts like a belt, naw! don’t ye snigger,,
Cause a know first hawn aboot the “socks n’ tissue” used tae make things bigger,
Then awe the fashion moved oan it a rapid pace, we wur awe in oor middle teens,
I’ll bet ye a poun tae a penny, thit all of ye sat in the bath tryin tae shrink yir jeans,,
Awe the lassies fashion wis amazin’ bit changed, skirts doon’ in came the middies,
Only now thir wis somethin’ different “the wonder bra” transformed yir ‘cleavage”
See am no that auld thit a cannae remember’ thit we awe dressed with a passion,
Every wan of the lads n’ lassies there, wur awe “dedicated followers of fashion”
Tae this day it’s still awe designer,,bit ma advice is tae ye jist wear whit ye may,
I’ll tell ye boy” yil never beat ” the style thit “Hamiltonians” wore back in the day,,
( they seek him here, they seek him there, )

The Troc Watermarked.

See you,, See me,,,


See you,, See me,,,
Written for Historic Hamilton by Hugh Hainey.

See you, Historic Hamilton” am telt “yir great” so kin a no join yir group,,,
See me,, a went oan anither site n’ a dropped masel’ right intae the soup,

See awe a did wis tae tell we true storys, n’ a tried tae make people laff’,,
See me, a wis telt thit a wis writin’ too much so a decided, jist come aff,,,
It wis probably awe ma fault, n’ a spat the dummy n’ toys oot the pram,,,
Ur maybe it wis cause a love tae laugh too much bit that’s jist who a am,

Awe these wee funny stories aboot Hamilton, wur runnin roon ma head,,
Only intending tae bring happy insights aboot where a wis born n’ bred,
Ma goal is tae make ma wee memories mingle in wae awe of youres,
A don’t know aboot you, bit a could talk aboot “Hamilton” fur oors,,

No much got by me whin a wis younger, n’ walkin’ roon this auld toon,
Always sayin’ c’mon n’ hiv a laugh on me, bit don’t try tae caw me doon,
See you, every single post oan here, goes tae show, yir the “best”thir is,,
See , a might no be brainy” bit whin it comes tae the toon a know the bis”

See me, naebody his tae tell me thit the people ur awfy nice n’ pleasent,,
See me, if ye lit me I’ll tell ye aboot “Auld Hamiltons” past no’ present,,

( from, Hugh Hainey, B.I.B. eating humble pie,, )


Ye know fur years ave bin paintin’ a picture, a ‘portrait’ ye may say,,,
A paintin’ thits filled wae vibrant colours, but wae nae black nor grey,,
It’s a panorama’ of ma wee “hame”, with people of a very special kind,,
Bit ye see thirs nae need fur paint nor pallette, it’s a pictur’ in ma mind,,
Lookin oan this “Historic Hamilton” a love it, readin awe yir great posts,,
That’s helped me tae jog ma memory, of the people thit a love the most,,
It’s chocka block’ wae lots of history, and wee memories of days of old,,
When a read the other peoples patter, a jist hiv tae add a bit mair gold,,
In ma mind it’s a vision” of Hamilton, but more so the great people there,
Never have a met anyother race, with passion n’ pride, n’ who realy care,,
I ‘ll say one thing with certainty, this paintin’ won’t be done tae am dead,
I’m sure thirs mair tae come fae all of you, and where a wis born n’ bred,,
( it’s up tae you tae fill in the blanks,, thanks )
The above poem was written for Historic Hamilton byHugh Hainey.